Current Portfolio Companies

Companies in which we have made a significant debt or equity investment and in which we still hold a controlling interest.

Antenna Products

Founded in 1947, Antenna Products Corporation (“APC”) is a world leader in antenna design and manufacturing.  APC is possible the leading provider of HF (High Frequency) antenna worldwide and is most famous for designing, manufacturing and installing the HAARP antenna array, the largest and most powerful antenna in the world About HAARP | HAARP ( .  APC is also a major provider of ILS and NAVAID antennas to the FAA.  APC operates out of a 100,000+ square foot manufacturing facility in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Long Wave Inc. is a Small Business defense contractor headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK. We are an industry leader in the installation and maintenance of Very Low Frequency/Low Frequency/High Frequency (VLF/LF/HF) communication systems, software development, software, and hardware installation.

SeeView Security is the premier provider of security/surveillance camera, access control and broadband wireless systems in the Metropolitan Washington, DC and Federal Government sectors.


STARLINE LA is the premier Sexy Costume & Lingerie source for people worldwide!  STARLINE LA brings the perfect combination of FUN, FLIRTY, and FIT to every style.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  

Party King Costumes

Party King is a leader in Halloween costume design, whether you are looking to be the sexy center of attention at your next Halloween or themed party or just looking for that perfect “fun and flirty” costume, Party King has just what you need!

Minority interest

TSR, Inc. (Nasdaq: TSRI), is a staffing company, that focuses on recruiting information technology (IT) professionals for short- and long-term assignments, permanent placements, project work, and providing contract computer programming services to its customers in the New York metropolitan area, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic region. TSR is located in Long Island, New York and has been in business since 1969.  QAR affiliates are collectively the largest shareholder of TSR.

Headquartered out of Santa Fe Springs, California, is a highly advanced manufactured house. It is assembled and fully furnished at the factory and delivered ready-to-go. It can be placed on any level surface and installs in the same-day.  A QAR affiliate is an early round investor in