At QAR, we like to make things happen.

With a small core of decision makers and rapidly expanding capital base, QAR is progressively accelerating its scope of business.  QAR is actually a management services company.  The primary services provided by QAR are executive management accounting/finance, marketing and human resources.  QAR provides these services primarily, but not exclusively to operating companies in which a QAR affiliate has some level of investment.  By providing these services to a number of small businesses, each of these businesses can get a level of expertise that they would not otherwise be able to afford on their own.  In addition, QAR introduces interesting investment opportunities to other entities affiliated with QAR for possible debt or equity investments.

Beginning with a foundation of expertise in the wireless communications market, QAR has leveraged its resources into a number of diverse areas including majority/minority investments in operating companies, financial services, real estate and lending.  Unlike most traditional sources of capital, QAR prides itself in making quick decisions, even in markets in which it has no prior experience.  Although such an approach does bring an increased level of risk, it has also allowed QAR to team with a good number of results-oriented decision makers as partners, a benefit that QAR feels outweighs the risks.  QAR certainly subscribes to the philosophy of General Patton:

A Good Plan Violently Executed Now is better than a perfect plan next week.

General George S. Patton 1885–1945

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